1. And that’s a wrap!

    Thank you all so much for your support during this year’s festival. While you’re enjoying these warmer months, we’ll be shifting through titles to bring you the best lineup possible next Spring.

    Until then!

  3. The greatest people you will ever meet [x]

  4. TONIGHT! Out on Screen will be screening G.B.F., the last film of our 2014 festival, at seven in the DUC Theater. Brave the snow, rejoice in the benefits of working electricity, and celebrate the beginning of GSA’s Pride Week and the closure of OOS 2014.

  5. This week marks Out on Screen’s first ever Legacy Week! While the majority of our films have been released within the last year or two, Legacy Week brings back titles we’re still fond of. The first film, coming from 1999, is All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre), an award-winning Spanish film by Pedro Almodóvar about a mother’s journey to find the father of her murdered son and the old friends she encounters. The second installation of our Legacy Week is Alice Wu’s 2004 Saving Face, a movie about a Chinese-American mother and daughter who come to face their culturally frowned-upon loves.